UFO Sighting in Portimão, Faro District on 2014-09-03 21:15:00 – Red spherical ball or sphere emitting red-orange-pink light similar in quality to a neon street light emerged from sea in lagos bay portugal, hovered and took off at incredible speed. l

On september 3rd 2014 at around 9 15 pm, (after dark), while having dinner with my family, on vacation at the alvor praia hotel, alvor, in portugal’s argarve district. my son (then 31 years old) and i saw a red-orange ball rise out of the sea, about 500 yards off tres irmaos beach in front of the hotel. we were looking down from the hotel’s open air dining terrace (about 100 ft above sea level) towards the west when we saw the very bright object come up vertically out of the sea (lagos bay). we could see it rise vertically in the sky against the back-drop of the town lights of lagos, across the bay. to the west. the object climbed slowly to a height of i estimate a thousand feet (at least). the object then executed a curved flight in a parabola to the horizontal. it then immediately ‘took off’ to the west, along the coastline at ‘jaw dropping speed’ i timed the object and estimated it’s recessional speed at about 1 mile per second! no sound! no sonic boom.

the following morning, a portuguese navy ship was present in the bay! this ship looked to be a hydrographic survey ship, from comparisons that we did ‘real-time’ on the internet, while looking at the ship with binoculars. there was also a helicopter overhead and what looked to be men ain rubber boat, from the navy ship, taking samples in the sea. my family have vacationed at this same spot for 10 years and have never seen a portuguese navy ship in the bay.

this event made a very deep, lasting impression on my son and i.

the sky in the area was clear at the time, with starlight and viewing conditions were excellent. i regularly watch aircraft flying to and from faro airport nearby at this location. the speed of this orange ball was just incredible. it tooth breath away! i estimate the size of this spherical object around 30 ft minimum. diameter perhaps double that size. the light was pinkish-orange-red. never seen a color like it. it looked to me to be a ball of plasma. however the outline of the light was very sharp. as it receded it pulsated very slightly.

what was it??? absolutely no idea.

hundreds of holidaymakers in that busy vacation area and town (avor and lagos) must have seen this event. hence the presence next day of a portuguese navy vessel in he bay.

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