UFO Sighting in West Chester, Ohio on 1976-08-20 21:00:00 – This was a fiery sideways oval shaped craft moving slowly over the trees back in august of 1976

My brother, and i were shooting basketball in the driveway of our parents home in august of 1976 at night when all of sudden we looked up and witnessed this sideways oval shaped fiery in color craft moving very slowing over the trees.
it was easy to see this due to its enormous size and shape. my first thought is i wanted others to see what we were seeing or they would not believe us. i screamed to my brother to quickly run in the house and see if others can see it too. the only other person who ran out of the house was my younger sister who could not have been any older than 9 years old. even she remembers seeing it to this day and remembers see lights moving under the craft. we all three witnessed to this craft moving very slowly over the tree line and eventually vanished into thin air.

we know what we saw that night and our father for many years was always skeptical. years later in the age of internet i did read a post from another person recounting their experience seeing a similar craft in that year in the summer. i shared that with my father and he was a bit perplexed to say the least.

our family moved into this home back in august of 1969 – brand new home at the time. many years during our time there, we experienced strange lights in the sky and areas where the trees were in the back sometimes who show branches violently blown down from above.

many hauntings experienced in this home too during these years.

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