UFO Sighting in Youngstown, Ohio on 2017-10-18 00:00:00 – Very bright burst of light. it just appeared all of a sudden , maybe 20 ft above a 70 foot tree. it almost looked like a brighter falling star, but instead of falling, it elevated. very weird.

I was taking out my trash to the curb. it was a chilly night, and there were lots of stars out at around 12:30am. i was admiring the clear night and watching all the stars. i then focused on a large tree, about 70 yards away when i noticed a bright white light, much brighter than a falling star turn on, like when you turn s light on when entering a dark room. then i watched the
bright ligjht take off, upwards. so it started at maybe 90 feet and shot out very fast to an elevation of maybe 110 feet. the light stayed on for maybe 5 seconds then disappeared.

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