UFO Sighting in Pompano Beach, Florida on 2017-08-09 00:00:00 – Abduction & visible chest implant plus wound prior to the august 14th cuba health attack

i am a 36 year old certificated airline transport pilot and hold a masters degree in aeronautical science from embry-riddle aeronautical university. i do not use illegal narcotics or alcohol. this report is long, but i believe the details are extremely important, as they are quite real to me. while i was walking to the shower in my apartment in the late evening of august 9th, 2017, a clear and distinct voice of a child was heard in my mind that said, “let me show you something.” at this point, i felt in control of my body, but was ‘guided’ to the mirror. while staring into the mirror, my eyes appeared to turn black in color and then the blackness spread outwards until i only saw complete darkness which lasted but a moment and then my vision was clear again. i stepped into the shower, without even thinking about what just happened as odd. while showering, in the best words to describe the abduction, i was gone for what seemed to be only about 1/2 of a second. i knew i was not in the shower, there was no water where i went, no sound. i saw myself in a white tube, with a mask on my face, and the tube had a clear panel to see through. across from the tube i believed i was in, i saw a white wall. i do not have a conscious memory of seeing beings at this point in time. i looked slightly downwards while in the tube and i saw a small simple placard or label in the shape of a body. at the time, i believed that what i saw was real, however, now i believe that it was an illusion that was used during the abduction so that i did not see or rather, remember the truth. when i was placed back in the shower i could not move and another voice said, “i drew something on your chest.” across my chest were traces in the soap that resembled four straight lines almost like scratch marks but were not actual scratches to the skin. i washed these ‘drawings’ off without concern, but a more significant mark was there, that was not there before i entered the shower. near my left nipple, i found a large burn. the burn appeared cauterized and was sore at the surface. i did not think too much of it at the time, but i knew it wasn’t supposed to be there. i really didn’t pay too much attention to it until my health dramatically worsened. over the course of the next two days i saw normal people with black glassy eyes, similar to stories i have heard about the black-eyed children. one of my friend’s whose father was abducted by aliens twice and had an implant placed in his leg near his knee, believes that this was my mind telling me what i really saw when i was abducted, or what my mind could tell me. he said that i saw aliens with black eyes and that seeing people with black eyes is how our subconscious tells us what really happened. during this time, i approached one woman whose eyes appeared black and i said nothing to her, but her response to me was “you think you are the only one”. i shrugged it off and said nothing in response. to this day, i am uncertain why i did not ask what she meant and do not understand what it means. on the third day following the abduction, my psychological health dramatically worsened and i felt an intense sensation of dread and fear for my life as if i was being hunted. that morning this feeling of dread was the strongest in my bedroom, then i moved to the living room hoping to avoid it, and the negative feeling followed me there. i moved once again to my vehicle hoping that the horrible sensation would not follow me again and it did. i made a phone call to my mother, and she was laughing at me when i explained that i felt horrible and that i was going to visit the doctor. she said, “that is how we call…” and never finished her sentence. i wondered if i was even talking to her at all. i just hung up the phone, and drove as quickly as i could to a nearby clinic. on the way to the clinic i almost died about three times. it felt like my breath was being taken away and as if i were suffocating and fainting. upon arriving at the clinic i found the door locked as they closed just about five minutes earlier. i drove across the street to another clinic and explained that i urgently needed a full check up as quickly as possible and that i was experiencing a high heart rate, panic, and was fighting to stay conscious. the nurse checked my heart rate and blood pressure, which were normal, and then i was moved to the doctor’s office. when the doctor came in, i felt a strong sensation of panic again, probably the strongest that i had felt during that day. he looked at me and said, “i think you are having a heart attack, just fall into…” he didn’t finish his sentence, and again, i didn’t ask why, i just knew something was out of place and that i would be ok. everything was just too abnormal. reality was very distorted from what i would consider to be acceptable. i sat down in a chair, and he said, “we are just not equipped to handle that here, you should start driving to an emergency room.” why would he say this when the nurse just told me that i was ok? i sat half-way up out of my chair and told the doctor i was going to leave, and then i sat back down, and with confidence i told him that i would be alright. he looked at me and told me that i was in-and-out of reality and when he noticed me calming down he said that maybe it was just a panic attack. he walked out of the room and was chatting with someone on the phone about me. i couldn’t hear his conversation clearly, but in a moment he came back into the room with an entirely different diagnosis and said that i had an out-of-body experience. when he said this i remembered what happened in the shower, and how i was not in the shower for what only seemed to be a fraction of a second. at that moment, i believed that the out-of-body experience was really just an out-of-body experience and that when i was abducted, only my mind or soul was taken, since it seemed to happen so fast from my point-of-view in time. on the contrary, i was quite wrong, and i did not realize this, but for a short while i paid slightly less attention to the burn on my chest. the doctor prescribed 30 tablets of hydroxyzine hydrochloride 25mg. this drug seemed to help bring down the extreme panic i felt. the medication was prescribed on august 12th. during the following two days, i felt as if i were going out-of-body once each day. on the evening of august 14th, i felt guided to my bedroom window while laying in bed and watching television. i looked out of the window and saw a white object at high altitude moving slowly on a heading of approximately 350 degrees true. the object ceased to illuminate when it was approximately directly overhead. on the morning of august 15th, as i was laying in bed, something asked me if i wanted it on my feet or laying down. i thought to the voice, “on me feet.” and at the moment, while laying down, everything went dark again, but this time, much quicker. i thought i was dead for a second, but i was still conscious, although i could not move and felt as if i did not have a body. this did not hurt, but was somewhat disturbing. i felt as if i were being moved from one location to another. this event lasted for what seemed to be about 1/2 of a second. after this point in time, i believed everything would be ok. to me, it was a turning point and i was hoping that the abduction was over, and felt good believing in this. over the course of the next few weeks, many strange events occurred but only in my room in the apartment that i live in. during this time, my shirt was pulled by an invisible energy three times, my right arm was slapped hard just over my bicep, and a cold hand swept against my side once. it was hard to handle, but i got through it by ignoring it. another event that was impossible to ignore were the hundreds if not thousands of strange snapping and popping noises in my room. these noises seemed targeted and controlled. they seemed like electromagnetic waves and pressure waves. one of these ‘acoustic signals’ struck me in the head as i was laying down and i heard a loud and startling sound of an electric razor. i looked up and realized it was them, most likely trying to communicate. these acoustic signals can be used to deliver messages directly to the mind, but are only heard by the person receiving them and not by other people, even if those people are nearby. although i experienced this alone, i did not hear anything except popping and snapping unless struck directly in the head. i spoke to my father in chicago about this, and in less than one day he told me that something nearly identical happened in cuba and mentioned health attacks. i researched as much as i possibly could because i live just north of cuba in florida, and saw the object heading northwest on the evening of the 14th of august, the same day that the health attacks occurred in cuba. these popping and snapping noises continue to this day in my room from time to time, and it has been almost 2 months since the abduction. i have not been struck in the head except for once more and i only heard a gentle beep. i do not believe that the 21 politicians in cuba were attacked, and if they were, it was intentional, and i was mistaken about this assumption. the acoustic signal is painless, does not cause bleeding, or hearing damage, and is not actually heard but i believe it interacts with the auditory nerve directly, rather than the ear drum, and this tells the brain that we hear something although we are not hearing it in the way we normally hear. at least this is my interpretation of what i have experienced so far. it is strange and somewhat alarming, but not dangerous. many electronic devices were also affected during the weeks following the abduction including lights, monitors, and other devices. lights flickered frequently and abnormal visual and audio would be produced by my monitors and speakers. my psychological health was ok, until i found the implant near the burn site on my chest. then i realized it was real, and that i did not just go out-of-body like the doctor suggested. when i found out that the implant(s) were real i realized that everything that happened during the abduction is somehow recorded by our bodies when we go. when we get abducted, they take us, and do whatever they are doing and return us to where and when they found us as if we had never left. they may believe that by doing this we feel nothing. unfortunately, even though we may only think we are gone for a half of a second, we may actually have been gone for several days or longer. for example, if we are gone with them for five days and they bring us back to when and where they took us, we think we were only gone for an instant and then we live and feel the five days they took us and we feel what they did to us during the five days. my suffering was great during the third, fourth, and fifth days following the event which took place in my shower. those days must have been the days that they operated on me and installed the implant(s), although i was here the whole time as far as i could see, i felt that i was was there the whole time. i think of it like a loop with an elongated bottom over a straight line. they take us for a loop in time beginning at a point in time on a straight line, we do not realize what is occurring to us while we are in the loop over the point on the line. however, once we are returned to the point on the line, we experience what they did to us in the loop regardless. i guess energy cannot be created or destroyed. i did not feel pain in the sense of a knife in my chest, but i did feel great suffering like none i have ever experienced before. i have attached photos of the implant wound. the implant can be felt through the skin and is near the wound. the wound is still painful after 2 months. i believe my health has been negatively impacted and feel that i have been changed to something i was not before i had the implant. however, i am uncertain as to why it is there. it is possible that it was necessary for whatever they were doing with me. i am fighting with myself over whether to keep or remove it. i want to remove it and be me. i also want to keep it and see where the rabbit hole goes, although, so far the rabbit hole has been something i would not want to go into again after the suffering i went through during my first and hopefully only abduction/borrowing. i also felt like something was watching me one night over the past few weeks and i decided to record audio in my room. i discovered an interesting acoustic signal hidden in the ambient noise. it appears to be a horizontal bar code, binary code, or similar, followed by a vertical bar code in some instances. i have dozens of these recorded signals, all are slightly different. this signal could not be heard by my ear alone while sitting in a silent room, but my microphone could detect it just fine. the signal is clearly visible using adobe audition. in the short audio clip i attached the acoustic signal is first. this one is different from some of the other ones i recorded, because it has a pulse at the beginning followed by blips and a pulse at the end. others have a pulse at the beginning, followed by blips, and a vertical code at the end rather than a pulse like in the picture. i believe the fact that these two recorded tones are different from each other rules out that my computer is generating this noise due to internal processes or the like. also, the loud clicks at the end of the audio recording are me typing on my keyboard. again, the volume of the recording is up very high to make the acoustic signal audible. also, i am looking for someone to talk to regarding what happened.

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