Black Triangle Sighting in Livonia, Michigan on 2017-10-18 15:30:00 – It was a triangle shape and the color of lead.It had a bubble like dome in the center

I was watching tv and i happen to look out tthe window,i though it was a bag or some thing drifting in the wind.But it stop dead in mid air right over the cross section of my street.It was very low about 100 feet up and had a bubble like dome.I scurried to my cell phone to get a picture but it seemed to sense me then it started hauling ass.It vanished and this not my first sighting and in this same area my sister took a picture of one most clear one i ever seen.We was scared to report it like i really don’t want to report this.I felt excited about it but not like on the norm because i know there out there.I never actually seen 1 until the past 4-5 years first time in detroit and then livonia .

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