UFO Sighting in Bellefontaine, Ohio on 2017-08-09 00:00:00 – Saw the ufo in the sky and beins on ground with orbs on camera still is here is here’s every night i have lots of footage and it follows me everywhere i go

I used the robert bingham method and summoned them down! after about a week it worked! i first saw a ufo then i seen little i guess scouts watching me i saw the ufo morph into a plane and tried to get it on tape while doing this i noticed that the ufo would come down to the ground very quickly and i would play back my video i could see the aliens or beins they showed me all kinds of things from cows to just the kids playing i have plenty of video footage as well as screen shots from my videos! the ufo follows me everywhere i go! i have pictures of humanoid beins as well as the et looking ones and the grey looking ones there are animals too!

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