UFO Sighting in Blacksburg, Virginia on 2015-01-05 19:51:00 – Green orb – i have 3 photos from that night – couldn’t see the orb except in photos

I was on the front porch of my apartment building. had my phone out and took a picture of what i thought were chem trails in the sky. i noticed a green orb in the photo i took and i took two more immediately and could see the orb. i have always wondered if it was some kind of reflection in my iphone camera lens since the moon was pretty bright. but i never deleted the photos for over 2 years because i have always wondered if maybe it was something. but i couldn’t see this green orb when i was staring in the sky in the same place. only could see it in the photos. you will see that the orb isn’t in the same place and if this is a reflection in the lens or something, maybe i had the iphone camera at different angles when taking the picture. i am not sure. but i would love to know what you guys think about this, because i always have.

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