UFO Sighting in High Ridge, Missouri on 2017-10-15 21:40:00 – 1 long ufo with 3 green lights on the bottom, followed by 2 red-orange lights on a different path until one sped into the larger ufo and disapeared

I was driving south on antire rd between 44 and high ridge on my way home between 9:30 and 9:40 at night, i noticed 2 red orange (more orange than red) lights in the distance off to my right side in the direction i was heading, i could not tell how far they were exactly but they were surely larger than stars more like the size of a small pill. they were both moving in different directions and then i saw 1 of the lights speed up, this is when i noticed a larger ufo, the light sped into it and vanished. the larger ufo i would say was 3-4 large trees high in the sky and was accompanied by 3 deep green lights attached on the bottom which were dim and looked like it was coming up from the west – south west side of the area a few hundred to several hundred feet away, i’m not good at telling distance but it looked like a bus size flying in the sky coming towards the road and the lights in my car dimmed and my radio lost signal like it was interference until i was about 2 miles down the road, i drive a 2006 ford fusion but this has never happened. i could not make out a color of the larger ufo’s body but could see an outline which appeared to me to be long and rounded at the ends. i drove past the area and could no longer view it.

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