UFO Sighting in Kolkata, West Bengal on 2017-10-24 18:18:00 – Bright white star like with unexplained trajectory

Me and my friend were at the roof of a 5storeyed complex(flat).It’s diwali in here(india) so we were taking pictures of our well lit town.Suddenly i spotted a bright white dot in the sky,and instantanenously i became pretty sure that it wasn’t any sort of fireworks because it was moving in an intelligent trajectory with change of direction & it was pretty up high,the sky wasn’t much crowded by clouds but there were some,the stars were visible by the naked eye but wasn’t bright enough to be caught on tape,but the object was well recorded in my phone’s video which only shows the intensity/magnetude of its brightness.I am sure it wasn’t any plane or helicopter because there wasn’t any sound & i have been seeing planes & helicopters fly for a long time to correctly understand the difference.It came from north west flew(hovered) towards east.We lost visual when it went behind the clouds.I am attaching the video and screenshots of the object i have made from the video.I used focus magic to correct the motion blur and a bit more visual detail about the object was revealed.

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