Alien Encounter in Ridgehaven, South Australia on 2008-07-15 21:30:00 – Due to approximately 9 months of paranormal events, this footage was randomly caught in my bedroom. it was picked up via video on my digital camera. nothing was seen with the naked eye

Around mid july 2008 i randomly filmed around my bedroom. a 1 minute & 17 second video was taken & two tall cloudy entities were caught on my digital camera. split second paused frames reveal 2 white entities with black almond shaped bug eyes. they hovered for about 15 seconds, observed me, then de-materialised. they then ascended upwards & disappeared, leaving a shadow trail underneath them. a reptilian humanoid face was also caught. other events include a black figure observed brisk walking fast in broad daylight. my cat making an unusual winding meow. my tv being turned on by itself with no picture or sound.

attached below is part of the 1 minute & 17 second video footage. i have the full footage burnt onto a blank dvd-r. also attached is photos taken from split second paused images of the footage. they say that there is no photographic evidence of a grey alien? i believe that there were 2 grey alien entities caught in my bedroom back in mid july 2008

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