UFO Sighting in Akron, Ohio on 2017-10-20 19:20:00 – Looked like a helicopter moving steadily but was very bright, like a fire.

I looked out our window to the east at approximately 7:20pm on friday oct 20, 2017 in the goodyear heights/ellet area of akron, and saw something flying se to nw above. i pay attention to flying craft, but this caught my attention enough to go to the front porch where i could view without the lens of the window.

this moved like a regular plane or helicopter, but was honestly like a very bright flame. it seemed to almost flicker like a circular or star shaped bonfire is the best i can describe it. the speed of it’s passing was consistent (faster than a plane and a little slower than a helicopter) with no weird variations of movement until i went in to run for the binoculars, at which point it disappeared – from both the front (where it was originally spotted) and the back of the house – rather abruptly (it only took no more than 10 seconds to get binoculars).

the light (flame) did not blink like normal aircraft, but was rather like a flame that flickered uniformly and was very bright.

my boyfriend didn’t think it looked like anything out of the ordinary but i did, and felt it was worth reporting just in case anyone else saw it. (he is a forever skeptic, and would need a formal introduction from an et to believe it as real :-o)

i am submitting this in case anyone else in my area is also claiming to have seen it. not because i’m 100% sure it was et, but to corroborate with other reporters in the event there are any.

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