UFO Sighting in Modesto, California on 2017-10-19 00:00:00 – Multiple, moving very fast. 3 at first then ended with 7 large bright orbs.

On 10/19/2017 i was walking my dog down the street i live on, i looked up and saw amazing lights moving across the sky. i ran to my home and put the dog in my house, went back out side to see if the large round orb like lights were still in the sky and they were. i focused on the 3 large bright white objects passing above me as fast as a falling star, they disappeared as if going behind a cloud and reappeared as fast as they disappeared. it was fantastical, unbelievable. then it became 4 large bright white objects and they moved across the sky in unisons, each started at the same point and then burst out from that point in 4 differrent directions, always meeting back at same point of origin where they disappeared then all of them appeared again going in different directions. a man on a bike was riding by my house and i stopped him, and asked him do you see the bright lights in the sky? he said yes, so i knew i was not seen g things.

my best description is “super sonic light show” “bright objects dancing in the sky” this went on over an hour. i did take video on my fire tablet and 125 pictures i will upload asap! the last 30 minutes i saw 7 bright white large orbs dancing in the sky they turned with such speed up down right left, my eyes had a hard time keeping up with all of them. they were not too faraway from me 500 feet? maybe a mile up? i’m not sure. i am sure i saw them. i am now a beloved in ufo. at the end the shape changed from round/ oval to oblong with a gray shadow inside each one. it was unbelievable. the focal point the bright objects went to like going behind a cloud, became visible to me, it was big and oval, inside appeared to have tiny bright lights. the 7 bright white objects continued to go into this oval object the reappeared as fast as they disappeared, this went on for another 30 minutes, i watched these amazing white objects for 1 hour 45 minutes until my neck hurt from looking up! i will check the every night in hopes to see them again. i said out loud don’t leave i want to know what you’re are, i’m not afraid come closer, hoping what ever entity this was could hear me. no response. but if we continue to be open to other life in this universe then maybe they will make contact. i know what i saw was not of this world. karen

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