UFO Sighting in Indooroopilly, Queensland on 2017-10-22 10:30:00 – I was one the my mums balcony and i noticed that there was a star that was flashing all types of colours and all the stars around it where not flashing or glowing so i got my phone out and record it.

I was at my mums house and i was getting really for bed so i went outside to my mums balcony to say goodnight to her. i when look up at the sky because i like looking at starts and then all of the sudden i saw one of the stars and it was flashing like a disco ball. i straight away thought that is was a ufo. the object was just hovering as it flashed all types of colours such as white,green,red,yellow,blue and black the object was flashing these colours in different parts of the object as it continued to stay still and flash off all of its colours. i was amazed and shocked at the same time and i told my mum as she saw the object as will during the event i was just amazed to see something like this. after the event i didn’t think much of it as i went to sleep. i didn’t lose of the object it just stayed there for ages i eventually got bored of it and went to bed.

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