UFO Sighting in Montgomery, Alabama on 2017-10-21 16:53:00 – I was shooting chemtrails – when i downloaded the images i saw the object.

We had three days of constant aerosol spraying in montgomery. i must’ve taken a thousand photographs of the chem-liners and their toxic payloads. when i loaded the images onto my laptop to clean them up, i noticed above one of the chemtrails was an oval shaped object. i must emphasize that i did not see the object when i took the photograph, only afterwards.

this has become almost typical for me. it seems lately that when i offload the files from my camera (i use a fuji s9900 finepix digital camera) and load them into windows live photo gallery, i see things that i did not see at the time i shot the photo.. when i shoot video, i have been getting alot of silver orbs zipping all around the chemtrails. when i say “zip” i mean zip.. they can cover the distance represented on the screen in one frame! i have to play the videos at 1/8 speed just to see them..

this isn’t the first one i have captured and likely won’t be the last.. i felt someone (else) should know about it..

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