UFO Sighting in Oklahoma on 2017-10-17 04:20:00 – Nightly events over area above house…Filmed nightly footage via night vision cameras and still photos taken automattically triggered on a deer cam

While trying out new dear hunting equipment, a ufo was spotted via a flir camera, nightly events of many ufo’s captured on digital film, some nights there are 2 or 3, moving to their exreme ability, incredible speeds then suddenly stopping and changing complte direction in an instant, the g-forces would crush a numan pilot.
various shaped ufos, even the triangle (stealth bomber shape)
the manouveres are all kinds of different flying acrobatics..Free falling and flipping , cat n mouse games, somne looks like erratic drunk driving even, then accelerating to high speed in an instance, also some footage of chemtrails from ufo’s, some nights there are 100’s of craft in the night skies, all cloaked and invisible to the naked human eye, and via night vision they are all over the place.
one closer encounter was on the ground, an alien pilot triggered the motion detector on the deer camera and stand, and the suprised expression on the aliens face as it peered into the camera at the moment the motion detector triggered leaving a very suprised look on the aliens face, the cameramn was also asleep or blacked out in a deer blind approx 15m away from the deer camera at the time, he says he lost time that morning in the early am hours around 4 am one morning, there are enhanced photos of two 3 ft tall aliens standing next to the deer blind where the cameraman joey was laying inside the blind at the time of the photos and the motion detector being triggered, also enhanced pictures of a smaller flying craft, cloaked or transparent with a ladder exiting from the craft, 3 aliens in one shot, one at the deer camera the other tow at the deer blind where joey was laying unconscious.
all footage is taken in real time in this year 2017. the craft have been filmed nightly over the past two years and are still just as active today as they have been from the copmmencment of filming.

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