UFO Sighting in Tyler, Texas on 2017-10-23 21:45:00 – 2 vshaped craft passed over at different speeds heading south

My wife and i were sitting in our hot tub when we saw the first craft coming from the north and heading south in a straight line. it was a v shaped object that was large and traveling at a high rate of speed. it appeared to have a mist or fog all the way around it. about ten seconds after losing site of the first craft a second one appeared on the same path but moving much slower. this was the second time i had seen these objects. the first time was about 3 weeks ago and there was only one of them. that one was traveling extremely fast. both incidents happened on clear nights and the altitude of these object could not be more than 2000ft. none of these made any sound and did not have any noticable lights. we live near an airport(not a busy one) and never have any issue seeing or hearing planes as they go over the house but this was different. at this altitude and speed these things should be making a lot of noise.

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