UFO Sighting in Alliance, Ohio on 2017-10-22 15:30:00 – Gigar-shaped craft with highly-reflective coating. looked like an air liner with no wings or tail.

My husband and i were sitting at the eagle observation deck at walborn reservoir near alliance, oh between 3:30 – 4:00 pm. there were no eagles in the nest, so we were scanning the skies looking for the pair of resident eagles.

i was facing east with the sun at my back when i saw something very shiny in the sky coming from the north. it was highly reflective, like a very shiny tin can. the object was shaped like an airliner, maybe a bit bigger around, but it had no wings and no tail. it made no sound and there was no emission/smoke/chemtrail coming out the back. i remember a cone-shaped nose and my husband says the end was straight up and down.

my husband and i kept trying to find the wings, thinking they were disguised in the bright reflection. it glided along for about 45 seconds, then made a slight left turn towards the southeast. it went into a small cloud and just disappeared. it slowly vaporized before our eyes as we watched it fade away into the cloud. we kept waiting for it to come out the other side of the cloud, but it was gone. we looked for it through the binoculars, but we could not find it.

just a note, we live near an airport and have seen many planes take-off and land every day for the past 10+ years. we have never seen anything like this vehicle before.

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