UFO Sighting in Newport Beach, California on 2017-10-25 01:00:00 – Two objects one se the other more east. both hovering, both twinkling with a constant change in light color like a disco ball.

I was in my place of residence watching shrek the third facing an easterly direction when something bright and flashing caught my right eye. it was the brightness and the disco ball affect that made me first aware that it was not a normal star or planet. as i went out to get a better look i could see the distinct colors as they changed very rapidly. the color change seemed to follow a pattern. at first i thought it might be a star and the the dust from the atmosphere was causing it to twinkle, but then i saw the different colors being emitted and canceled that idea out. i felt curious when i first noticed it, kind of excited that it was not just a plane old star and more curious when i noticed a second identical object towards the east and at a bit higher altitude because it looked smaller in size based on my perspective location. i still felt curious and excited after sighting them. it was late and i went inside to finish my movie then i went to try to sleep, but couldn’t so around 3am i went back to see if the two objects were still there and they had vanished.

the video attached shows both objects in the same frame halfway through. i tried to capture both as best as i could. the movement during the video is caused by me, not the objects. they were not making dramatic movements. they were stationary based on my direct eye observation.

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