UFO Sighting in Plover, Wisconsin on 2009-08-20 00:00:00 – Started off in the distance, became larger over 20 minute walk then in about 5 minutes it shrank to original size and veered off to the left

August 2009. it was late, about 9 pm when my boyfriend and i decided to walk to the local walmart. at the time we were living in bluebird acres with my grandmother and walmart was about a half mile down the road. so, we decided to walk there. slowly we got onto the main road (county road r). walking to the north there are fields as far as the eye can see to my right and a few scattered houses to my left. it was a calm late summer night and we were giggling about who knows what when out of the corner of my eye off to my right i could see a faint light pink light glowing in the distance. it was incredibly small at the time, so i assumed mars was having a bad night. as our walk continued i started to notice it getting larger and indeed closer. i asked my boyfriend what he thought it could be. the light was quite bright and though i couldn’t hear anything, i could tell it was beginning to close the gap between us. my boyfriend had been watching it as well with the notion that something wasn’t quite right. our conversation turned to other similar events. we even joked that aliens were observing us. when we had reached walmart, the light pink orb was at its largest, probably a bit like a nickle at arm’s length. compelled to not lose track of it, we were in the store for only 5 minutes. when we exited, it was still hovering at the same size. only 5 minutes into the walk home however, it covered a great distance to the east and became as small as a star, then before i lost track of it, it took an unexplained left accent and was gone. the remainder of the night was filled with my boyfriend and i discussing the possibilities of what had occurred. we know the facts of which we just explained, however in 8 years since then, we’ve never seen anything quite like it.

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