Black Triangle Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2017-10-26 05:38:00 – Black, though the sun was down when i saw it. has red lights on all 3(?) sides. multiple ufos

I was waking up/looking through my window just to see a ufo not very far. i thought the lights could be cars, but the way they were spinning and the distance the lights traveled i knew it could not be. the lights pulsated, and it quickly grabbed at my attention as i looked at it through binoculars. i felt restless and it got my blood pumping as i am not much of a skeptic. i kept watching only to see that it emitted another light, this time a bright white light. it ascended and changed to red. and then i heard a mysterious whir above my house, and a few footsteps. i knew the ac makes a similar sound, but the whir was too deep and consistent and the footsteps made my heart sink. then all the footsteps stopped and the whirring stopped. i looked out when the sun came up and nothing was there, nor any sign of a human on it either. back to the ufo. it was still in my sights after the whirring stopped. under the site, i saw a tiny dot of light, which could not be properly explained. then the dot of bright light and the emitted light promptly disappeared, the lights flashed red one last time, and then flashed up. after that, i was a bit more calm, but shaken nonetheless.

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