UFO Sighting in Tinley Park, Illinois on 2017-10-25 19:15:00 – They appear to be flying red orbs. last night i observed seven lights some were in a formation it was the most i have seen. i have witnessed these same ufo lights red orbs direcly overhead on numerous occasions.

I have seen the flying red orb objects many times now over several years and have described the red orbs/ufo to my friends and family. my older sister seen them the first time one summer night in 2010 in our backyard. i have seen them many times since. my younger sister called me last night after 7.00pm to tell me she was watching a large group of the red orbs flying over head she was really excited and said she could not believe what she was seeing. i went outside and looked out to the southwest the direction of her house which is about 3/4 mile away and i could see the group of them 5 moving slowly to the northwest. four in
a row and one was very low. there was a lot of airplanes in the sky that night and they appear to be at a lower altitude until they suddenly move upwards and then just vanish then two more of them came in from the southwest and flew past slowly on the same path and they went up fast and were just gone. there was a lot of planes flying in the area that night. these red orbs are not planes or anything else that fly’s i can identify. i have seen them fly very low directly over my house on numerous occasions usually in a small group or a couple spread apart following one another. i have no idea what they are or how a large round shaped object can fly like they do they are not floating they are flying. there is no noise emitted from them and there are usually planes flying low overhead going to o’hare or midway it appears they are always on the same flight path. i am always excited to see them know. i have family and friends who have seen them as well so we know they are there. i would really like to now what they are.

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