UFO Sighting in Tinley Park, Illinois on 2017-10-25 19:50:00 – My daughter came in the house to get me to see the red orbs 7:50dstpm. my son has described them to me in the past. from observing them on 4 different occasions. moving red-orange orbs i was thrilled , 7 going east, view blocked by trees.

My daughter came in the house to get me outside. out in the street could observe at least 7 orbs going ineast direction. she had seen more,out with her dogs. she called her sister & brother to go out to see also. while i was standing out in the street, a woman in a car stopped and asked me if i was watching the lights, said yes. it was the same red/orange balls of bright light my son has previously observed over his house,several blocks east of us. on at least 4 different occasions. they are not planes, saw them and a helicopter all lit up in the sky. i and my daughter were thrilled to see them for ourselves. large trees down the street blocked the view.Date 10/25/2017 time for me was about7:51 pm dstto 8:00 pm dst. would like to know who else saw them.

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