UFO Sighting in Isfahan, Isfahan Province on 2006-03-14 22:00:00 – A saturn-like object; in the middle of the ring it was a light and flaming orb. on both sides of the ring, those two winged parts.

On march 14, 2006 at about 10 pm; i was on the roof of my house, and i suddenly saw a bright object on the northwest of the sky. i do not pay attention to it first, because i thought it was an airplane. after a while, i looked at the same side and saw a very weird object that was approaching the top of my head. a luminous and flamboyant orb surrounding it was a ring (exactly the shape of saturn’s planet) and two winged parts on both sides of the circle, and slowly and steadily crossed over my head, and toward the south east of the sky went. i was very astonished at that moment and quickly called my family members aloud. i had a thrill with a sense of fear. this fireball and its rounded ring will never be erased from my head. this strange object moved southwards to the sky, eventually disappearing as a bright spot on the horizon.

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