UFO Sighting in Orhanlı Belediyesi, Niğde on 2017-09-10 10:00:00 – Extremely bright light spotted at sky, tried to take a photo to realize what it is, object disappeared in seconds with extreme speed

I was at the garden of my house(orhanli town, nigde, turkey) then i noticed a very bright light that suprised me. then i tried to take a photo of the object to see what actually it is. after i took the photo, object disappeared in 1 or 2 seconds with an extreme speed. during the observation, my pet dog barked out of control.

at the night of the same they, i woke up from my bed with my dog’s barks. i took my flash light and went to my garden. my dog was barking to the sky. i looked to the pointing direction of my dog, and i saw the object that i’ve observed again.

after these observations, i’ve noticed that the sun panels at my house’s roof aren’t working anymore.

this observation report has been submitted by tufoam(turkish ufo resarch center) by the name of original observer yucel erdinc without any attachments.

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