UFO Sighting in Sparks, Nevada on 2017-10-27 05:58:00 – White light moving across sky then stops and becomes bright star until sun comes up

October 27th at 5:45am i was awoken by my dog becoming upset. she seemed to hear something that made her not bark but just sit up and was looking around making a upset kind of low bark. what weird was the low sound of the bark almost a puffing sound something i have not heard my rottweiler make before. after 5 min of this i became annoyed and got up and went downstairs to turn the alarm off and get something to drink. upon my return up the stairs,as i was going up i stopped to look out the window. at first glance i was looking at the street and my driveway then i looked up towards the northeast sky. at that moment i seen a low lit circular object moving at a steady slow pace across the sky. from my position i could see that it was not blinking or have any signs of a helicopter or small airplane. but was a solid lit object in a white color. as i watched it move across the sky it was just before the sun was about to about to start to come up over the horizon. so it was still dark but not quite night time anymore. i scanned the sky to see if any other planes or aircraft could be seen as from my house i have a good view of the flight path that planes use to land at reno airport. nothing was in the sky but this object. while watching the object cars and other people were coming and going heading out to start the day. continuing to watch the object it stayed on its flight path of a east to west path. after about a 15-20 min slow moving flight path it all of a sudden just turned into a bright star locked in place as if it was the north star or a bright planet in the morning sky. it stayed like that til sun up and disappeared. side note,until it disappeared my dog never stopped acting weird. once it was gone my dog almost immediately fell back to sleep. also no planes were in that area of the sky which is unusual since it is a flight path that planes normally use.

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