UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on 1989-01-14 06:00:00 – Inverted double-decked lens cloud, 12 x 3 miles, hovered over valley all day although other clouds passed over it.

Location: about 60 miles north of las vegas, nv, about a few miles east of us highway 95. date: mid-jan, 1987, or 88, or 89. time: all day. size: about 12 miles long by about 3 miles wide. surface: like a cloud. shape: oval, like an inverted lenticular cloud, double-decked, both decks the same size and shape. the distance from the top of the lower deck to the top of the top deck was about a quarter-mile. the distance from the flat bottom of the lower deck to the bottom of the upper deck was also about a quarter-mile. nothing was visible protruding from the top of either deck, except that the upper portion appeared to be sitting on the top of the lower portion. motion: the cloud-like object did not move in any direction all day long, despite the fact that normal-shaped (lumpy) clouds scudded over it all day. possible reason for encounter: three days before, i had used river rocks to write “ps 68:4” along the east side of the highway, and old railroad ties to write “yah” along the opposite (west) side of the highway. in addition to that possible reason, i had become a self-supported itinerant preacher on behalf of the entity mentioned in ps 68:4, in mid-1987. my reaction: curiosity. no fear, but no desire to approach the object either. my actions: continue walking south along the eastern side of the highway. i walked a mile before coming even with the north end of the object. i then walked an additional 12 miles before coming even with the south end. i walked an additional mile before setting up camp along the eastern side of the highway. reactions of the passing vehicles: nobody seemed to notice the upside-down lenticular cloud. nobody even slowed down. perhaps they went by so fast that they did not have an opportunity to notice that it remained in the same place while other clouds scudded over the top of it? losing sight: i eventually fell asleep in my tent; but it was visible out the tent flap until i did. it was nevertheless gone the next morning. i first caught sight of it out of the tent flap when i had woken in the morning of the day that i saw it all day long. after seeing the object, i eventually wrote a large web site which mentioned some of the information which i had been enabled to learn. i learned additional information; but i have only mentioned the additional info to a few people. i am now 78 and in poor health, so i would like to mention the additional info to someone before i cease to live; but i am now unable to make an additional website. so would mufon like to become a repository for the additional info, which was given to me piece-meal?

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