UFO Sighting in San Francisco, California on 2017-10-28 01:30:00 – Pale red glowing “chevron” streaks across bay area sky in seconds 10/28/2017 1:30am

I was in the backyard area of my apt complex in san francisco late (1:30am) admiring the clear skies and the constellation orion, sirius, polaris and the pleiades; not usually visible in the city. it was a very clear dark night. movement from the east grabbed my attention as a pale red “chevron” looking thing, clearly at great distance but easily noticeable, shot out from the east behind some nearby trees headed somewhat southerly. the object crossed the visible night sky in a matter of only a few seconds. 4-5 perhaps if not less. it almost appeared to be two objects, as in two halves of a chevron, emitting a hazy pale aura barely blunting my noticing the angles this object had; the leading edge of the object(s) appeared to have angles. it traveled in what appeared to be a straight line and it’s speed was incredible. it looked like nothing i’ve ever seen in the sky before. it was not a plane, helicopter, or meteoroid. it’s shape and color and size and speed struck me immediately. i had no idea what i was looking at. i lost sight of it within 5 secs as it crossed the visible night sky on a consistent high speed and vanished over the building to my south. the outdoor motion detecting light above me turned off while this object was visible. the object maintained a consistent course and trajectory, but was far too large and off color to be a meteoroid or a satellite or other space debris. i was awestruck, and kept watching the sky for another 30 minutes looking for additional anomalies, or perhaps more shooting stars that may indicate a meteor shower.
there were no other aircraft visible before, during, or after this event.

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