UFO Sighting in Lyerly, Georgia on 2017-08-01 18:04:00 – This was an object above the clouds casting a shadow on the clouds from above. i have since seen this same shape and size in the sky between nw ga and s tenn. 3x’s.

I was swimming in my pool around 6 p.M. on august 1, 2017, when i observed a strange cloud moving slowly over the tree line behind my home. i always observe the sky/clouds b/c i believe in chemtrails and h.A.A.R.P. i am always photographing the clouds and chems. on this particular evening something was different. for me it was the way i reacted physically and emotionally upon viewing the cloud. as i watched the cloud come over the tree line the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. i literally got the heebee jeebees!! so, badly that i climbed out of my pool to retrieve my phone from a table beside my pool. i took 5 – 6 photos at 6:04 p.M. (within a minutes time frame) before i became overwelmed with fear. i had become so terrified i no longer wanted to observe the object nor take any more photos. i ran into my home. i totally reacted to this unexplinable irrational fear i was experiencing. after several minutes inside i regained some composure and went back out to see it again but it was gone. no sign of it. i have been haunted by this ever since. i have tried to expain it away. but nothing i can come up with feels right. also, as to make things even worse, i have witnessed this same shape 3x’s since that day. same size and shape but not a shadow. i guess the closes way to describe it would be like a hole punch cloud. this thing is very large. i am not certain of the exact size but you could fit many passenger airline planes within the scope of the shadow. i’ve included a picture of the second sighting of same shape taken august 31, 2017 at 5:48 p.M.

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