UFO Sighting in Nevada on 2017-10-29 01:39:00 – I saw a ufo at 1:30 am in las vegas,no i wasn’t abduction or heard anything, but saw an unusal objects with one point of light and four lines of light radiating from the center. it hovered at about 500ft or more for nearly an hour and a half.

I live in las vegas,was visiting a friend who lives on the east side.
while their around 1:30am was called by another friend,a pro-
fessional pilot… of a strange object in the sky,he was observing
in the back yard. i went out and saw a obect,hovering in the sky,
a object, hovering,seemingly moving erratically. it’s shape was
obscured by the night sky,but on it, seemed to be a point of light,
and four lines of light radiating from around the center point,
which i concluded the shape to be disc. it resembled a merry
go round at a carnival. the lines of light radiated and seemed
to alternate in colors,from blue,white to red. i remained in the
sky for at least an hour,no other aircraft flew near it. i seemed
to be high up at least 500ft or more,and based on the eratic
left to right movement it may have been bufetted by winds.

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