UFO Sighting in Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen on 2017-10-29 20:15:00 – Bright light object star-/satellite-like fading out, bright as polar star

1. i was outside of the house to dumb the trash into the waste container. ~8pm

2. i looked above to the dark sky und looked at the stars.

3. when i first noticed the object i thought it was a star, it was bright as the polar star. then i realized, that it moved and thought, it could be a satellite or the iss. there was no blinking, so i knew it was no airplane.

4. it moved to south and i watched it approximatly from ~70° to ~60° to the horizon. it moved straight in the same direction. after some seconds it faded
it little bit out as if it went behind a thin cloud. after ~1 minute it faded completely out and vanished for my eyes.

5. i only stood there and watched it. i thought, if it is not a cloud, because it was fading out, it might moved higher and higher. i had no special feelings at this moment, i was only thinking about it, what is it not.

6. it vanished by fading out from a really bright star to nothing in ~2-3 minutes before it would move behind a big house from my eye-angle.

i read about, don’t posting a url, but it faded out like this one:

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