Black Triangle Sighting in Oak Harbor, Ohio on 2017-10-29 03:30:00 – Spotted ufo hovering above davis-besse nuclear power plant in ohio

I was visiting family in oak harbor, oh on october 29th, 2017 for a halloween party. they live very close to the davis-besse nuclear power plant. i was driving past the plant on my way home to columbus at around 3:30 a.M. and noticed something floating up and down above the reactor. i pulled off and got out of my car & it did this for maybe 3-4 minute’s before it flew up about 50 feet and seemed to just slowly hover over the buildings. there were 6 lights.. 2 at each corner, a white and blue light side by side in each corner. the blue light would brighten when the white light would dim and vice versa. it did this for a few minutes then it just shot up and away at a 45 degree angle and was so fast it looked like a streak of blue light

i heard no noise except for this pulsing vibrating sensation in my ears until it shot away. i never believed in extraterrestrial life until that night. now i’m convinced of it. i was in such shock at what i was seeing i didn’t think to try to take a photo. of course my 2 friends were passed out in the car after drinking all night and didn’t see it or even realize we were stopped.

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