UFO Sighting in Forsyth, Missouri on 2017-10-10 18:30:00 – White orb about 50-60ft diameter hovering path from 500-1000ft from sw to ne disappeared after 15 minutes.

This was about 6:30p.M. at night, was taking my dog out for walk, the moon was low in southern horizon when i noticed bright white light 1000-2000 feet agl, at first thought it was an airplane that just took off from airport but then got to watching more closely then seeing the orb shape of 50-60 feet in diameter not making any flight type changes just hovering making no sound. there was bright white light in the shape of orb with yellow-orange halo around entire orb shape, i tracked this orb for approximately 15 min toward ne of where i was standing in front of my house when the orb disappeared like you would turn off light by light switch. i have been sitting outside for 2 months starting in august of 2017 have been seeing guide a few bright lights in the area of big dipped and little dipped area coming from south to north and north to south then just disappearing like turning off light switch. it is like for some reason where i live has turned into a hot spot again for this year again.

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