UFO Sighting in Giddings /ledbetter / Dim, Texas on 2017-09-30 16:24:00 – Object shined a series of lights on to me ending with with very large bright light . this in the middle of the day

I observed a light in the shy that blinked and hovered initially. the light became more aggressive in flashing but was very small like a reflective mirror at first. this went on for several minutes then the light became huge in the sky like a very large spotlight and shined on me for a about a minute. i had never seen anything like it in the sky before so i ran to get my phone. right when i put the phone up to video tape it the light disappeared. although i didn’t see anything at the time i went ahead and filmed the sky. later i went back and viewed my film and noticed that i caught it on camera. it looked kind of like a hockey puck and then changed shaped to look more like a saucer. it seemed to be ascending and descending to try to prevent me from filming maybe..Not sure but i have the images of what was up thin the sky. (although not great ones)i read where someone in lexington also saw an ufo the same day and that location is not very far from me.

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