UFO Sighting in Washington on 2017-09-07 22:17:00 – Saw a flaming ball falling from the sky then two flashes from the sky

Twice i have seen this happen. both times the event was at night. the first time was may 2017 time frame about 11pm. my neighbor and i saw a flaming ball falling from the sky not in a straight line but arching. it looked like it was falling to the earth. we live in a valley. the object came from one mountain top high up in the sky falling down past the other mountain top. the other time i saw the object was in a different location but going the same direction. the second time was sept 2017 same time at night. my wife saw it this time too. this time the sky had a couple clouds and the object came from the sky arching to the earth. this time there was two flashes of light that came from the clouds behind the object. not sure what this ball of flames falling from the sky is.

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