The WW2 flying wing decades ahead of its time

In the last months of World War Two, Nazi Germany tested an experimental fighter more spaceship than aircraft. Only now are we realising how inspired it was. BBC Future looks at the Horten Ho 229, one of aviation’s most futuristic designs. In December, US aircraft maker Northrop Grumman unveiled a revolutionary design for a future fighter […]

The Next Giant Leap: US Will Return to the Moon, Pence Says

A new direction? Yesterday (Oct. 4) was the 60th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik 1, which kicked off the Space Age and the Cold War space race. Pence referenced that seminal event during his remarks today, while lamenting a perceived lack of direction in U.S. space policy. “Rather than lead in space, too often, we’ve […]

UFO Sighting in Giddings /ledbetter / Dim, Texas on 2017-09-30 16:24:00 – Object shined a series of lights on to me ending with with very large bright light . this in the middle of the day

I observed a light in the shy that blinked and hovered initially. the light became more aggressive in flashing but was very small like a reflective mirror at first. this went on for several minutes then the light became huge in the sky like a very large spotlight and shined on me for a about […]

How these astronauts had life-changing experiences with Aliens (VIDEO)

How often have we thought about the existence of life beyond Earth, and feared that if we ever encountered extraterrestrial beings, they might wreak all kinds of havoc on our planet, as shown in the movies. But the pertinent question still remains, do aliens exist? Some might think the only people who believe in aliens […]

Anunnaki Geneticist Created Our Bodies, NOT Our Souls

Approximately one half of the human beings on Earth (about 3.5 billion people) are organic portals, soulless human beings who keep real human beings in line with the status quo, on agenda with the matrix control system. Organic portals form the backbone of the Matrix’s social control infrastructure. They are what keeps society running in a state of […]


Out of the 1,500 or more islands in the Aral Sea of Central Asia, none is as enigmatic as a small patch of land called Barsa-Kelmes Island. In the native Kazakh language, its name means “land of no return” and it didn’t get labeled like this for nothing. Today, the island is deserted, its last […]

Daily UFO Headlines 10/30/2017

ALIENS TRUTH COMING? Ex-military and scientist insiders to lift lid on UFOs – Daily Express Eerie Glowing Bubble Over Siberia Sparks UFO Reports, Likely a Missile – UFO hunters claim they’ve found an ‘alien mothership’ on Mars – Yahoo!7 Small UFO Obliterated By Oklahoma City’s Chartered Plane – Deadspin Interstellar visitor? NASA tracking mysterious […]

UFO Article: “Navy-UFO Encounter – Pt 3: Contact Your Congressman for Investigation”

By Robert Powell (Scientific Coalition for Ufology), 23 October 2017 Source:, 30 October 2017 Robert Powell presents Part 3 of his report on the 14 November 2004 USS Nimitz UFO case. Former naval aviator Paco Chierici recounted the UFO incident in a article (see related posts). Related posts: USS […]

UFO Article & Radio Interview: “Robert Powell – USS Nimitz UFO Encounter – October 24, 2017”

( Minds UFO Radio, Tempe, Arizona) Robert Powell talks about the 14 November 2004 USS Nimitz UFO case. The interview with Powell starts at 25:14 minutes into the programme. Related posts: Robert Powell ( image)

Astrophysics, Bible Confirm Earliest Recorded Eclipse

In 1207 BCE, as an army of Israelites waged a bitter conflict against soldiers from Canaan, the sun all but disappeared. The event had all the markings of divine intervention, and the auspicious occurrence would go on to be recorded in the Old Testament. Today, eclipses have lost the aura of religious significance, but this […]

Lordotic Curve: Bringing Sexy Backs

When the new release accompanying a science paper immediately alludes to lap dances and twerking, attention must be paid. That doesn’t happen all the time. And, incredibly, the study in question, which appeared last week in Evolutionary Psychological Science paper, actually lived up to the hype! It really does mention “female erotic lap dancers” and […]