Black Triangle Sighting in Gilmanton, New Hampshire on 2017-10-31 20:31:00 – First saw plane coming east over sawyer lake, as it got closer looked up and was shocked to see huge dark object w/three red lights going west over my deck the plane passed under it and looked tiny compared to object, no sound , just sound of plane

I was inside screen porch when i observed a light coming over lake, i got out and went on the deck to watch it, i could hear it was a plane. as it was coming over head i looked up and was shocked to see a monstrosity above it over my head!!! the plane passed under it and kept going east. i ran in the house to get my binoculars and it was going over tree tops headed west 240 to 270 degrees. i am 1,040 feet above sea level and the further away it got it looked
like three red lights in the shape of a triangle until it dissapeared. i could not get binoculars focused fast enough. when i looked up my hair stood on end and i was in awe of the huge size of this thing. i kept saying oh my god oh my god what is this?? i am used to seeing planes and refueling jets, and this was totally silent and moving almost in slow motion!It was unnerving!!! ( i called my mother to tell her and she belongs to mufon and wrote this report verbatim so it could get reported)
i don’know for sure what time it started but went it was over it was 8:33pm. thank you

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