UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on 2017-10-28 18:30:00 – Saw 3 orbs saturday appearing only on a sky picture with 4k camera,other events to report

I took a picture ,saturday 2017 october28,around 6:30p.M.,on my balcony, of the clouds because the clouds was crazy i was with a friend.When i looked at the picture before posting it on instagram 2 days later i saw 3 orbs or lights. maybe a reflection but the problem is that the space between the objects doesn’t match the lights in front of me.And i have another picture without orbs/lights/or objects of the crazy clouds the next day. i previously saw a cylinder long like a football field 1 mile in altitude during a bright day of summer mid afternoon no clouds on a trip to kickinghorse ski resort before i learned of the existence of this things on ancient aliens. i saw flashing moving lights at night for over 30 minutes with 4 friends in 2000 and saw the same phenomenon on a video on youtube without knowing how to save the video in 2011. in 2002 i saw a rectangle flying at 2 miles over my head,i was with 3 friends in a parking lot perfect blue sky and others around was observing it,it lasted 45 minutes. i also witnessed the chinese rocket body entering the atmosphere in calgary,2015 february. i have been followed by a light on the highway in 2000 with a friend,when we stopped the light disappeared. we started driving and the light did reappeared. we was on the highway. we took an exit and the light followed to disappear just in front of our eyes. we was completely alone in an area without any lights at 3 a.M. we drove away full speed completely in shock……No time missing or close contact,only followed by a weird light without any noise. aliens don’t contact the masses to avoid panic. slowly humans understand that we aren’t alone in the conscious known universe or multiverse that we live in.All my sightings are with different friends.

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