UFO Sighting in Estancia Monte Dinero, Santa Cruz on 2016-12-18 15:13:00 – In front of the passage of magallanes

Around ten marines stay in his feets on the board of militar vessel looking the horizont.
there big cumulus was forced by magellan passage to descens at 1000 feets over de sea.
twenty minutes later the clouds cumulus be can see rotate to the south because a soft wind from de north.
in this moment two white, big and fast copters pull of from de clouds comulus in direction to the vessel.
the two fly in formation at 300 or 200 feets over the sea and the marines cant believe the next image they can see.
both of them simply disapper but one instant later they can feel the push of the rotors winds over the vessel.
the captain was notified about this and a in a half hour was order take de names of the marines and put them in seclused.
back in port the captain have a meeting with three argentinnian mens, one of thems look the list of the marines and said as an order “let them go”.
the marines cant aboard the vessel or anything other vessel for four month and ever cant remember details of the copters.

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