UFO Sighting in Kansas on 2017-10-29 05:10:00 – Very strange lights in the sky. two lights moved into a cluster of many lights & disappeared

I was on a boy scout campout with my son. it was a cold morning, we both woke up around 5:00am. we were the first ones up so we started the campfire back up. as the campfire began to grow, my son went to the bathroom. i looked up at the sky, scattered clouds to the se, to check the incoming sunrise on the horizon i notice to the n-ne a bright white light at a very high altitude moving w at a not so slow speed. (on a side note, i am a licensed a&p mechanic. i am very familiar with aircraft!) i saw no flashing beacon lights. my first thought when i saw the light was it’s the iss. as i continued to follow it moving w across the morning sky, it started to slow down as it approached, what i saw as a cluster of stars. approximately 10 “stars”. at that time i noticed a second light approaching from the s of the “cluster of stars” at a slowing speed similar to the first light. when both lights joined the cluster i lost track of the two individual lights. in a matter 15-30 seconds after i lost track of the two lights in that cluster, the cluster just dissappeared. all of this happened in about 5min.

this experience has left me a little uneasy. i don’t know what to think anymore. did i really just happen?

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