UFO Sighting in Mill Valley, California on 2017-10-27 22:00:00 – I saw a moving starlike reddish white ufo at night

I was watching television at 10 pm. suddenly i felt an intense urge to go to the end of the hall and open the back window, something i don’t usually do. i leaned out, looked up and saw some stars through the branches of our huge eucalyptus tree. one reddish white star was brighter than the others. i looked for the pulsing red light of an airplane, but its light was solid.
i watched it for about 10-15 seconds before i realized the reddish white star was moving. then the ufo jumped from the top middle of the branches to the top right (as viewed through the branches). it moved erratically to the right of the tree and into clear sky where it began moving in a square shape for a few seconds. then it simply vanished. i ran out onto our deck to see if the ufo was visible somewhere else in the sky but it was gone.
i feel like this ufo was trying to communicate with me. it’s an uneasy feeling. i just keep thinking how did i know to get up and walk to the end of the hall and open the window to see this thing? i almost feel as if i had been summoned to see it. also, this is the second ufo i’ve seen in the past year.

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