Black Triangle Sighting in Portland, Oregon on 1981-03-17 16:30:00 – Not like most,,they came to my house.

lived in portland, oregon. it was march 17th 1981 @ about 4:30 in the morning (am). at first l thought l was dreaming. l could hear my dog in the basement barking constantly. there was this sound like l was in a wind tunnel and a very high pitch sound that was piercing my ears. suddenly l felt my feet go numb like they were no longer there. i guickly knew this was no dream. someone or thing was trying to take my insides of my body. i could feel my body disappearing as it went upward toward my head. it never at any time hurt until it got to the level where my heart was. at that moment i could hear myself screaming …Your killing me. my heart hurt so bad it was like it was going to explode. all at once it stopped and i could feel my body coming back. as it had gone up my body it was dropping downward and making me feel my body again.Then all at once it all stopped and no more wind or high pitch noise.The dog stopped barking.The high pitch sound must have hurt her ears. i was so scared i jumped out of bed and started to find my children. our house was two story and the kids all slept upstairs. my twin boys were in their beds. my daughter was missing from her bed. my first thoughts were they had taken her. screaming i ran downstairs and found her on the sofa. my boys had woken up from my screaming. i must have been a crazy person. i was screaming at them to get in the car. really l thought they would return at any minute and we needed to leave that house. like l said l was not thinking clearly. i didn’t call the police. i thought they won’t believe me. my husband was at work. he work the graveyard shift. i called my sister in law in california and told her that if we disappeared the aliens had taken us. i was beyond scared. she said simply that she would tell everyone. i took my children and put them in the car. we were all still in our pajamas. i drove to the hills were there were lots of trees thinking we could hide. then as a crazy scared person i just kept driving. my children said, mom what’s those lights in the sky? a craft that looked like a triangle without the bottom line had lights up and down both sides and wherever we went it went with us. my children were now starting to get scared. i explained to them as best i could that if they took us we would be together and i would protect them. yeah sure i would. what do you say to three scared kids. i knew they weren’t going to leave us and i drove back home. we went back into the house and waited hugged together on the sofa. soon my husband walked thru the door and the kids ran screaming and crying to their dad. he had no idea what was happening. i explained as best i could. i’m sure my husband thought i had finally lost it. he turned on the television and there it all was. they told about two large orange balls that officers on both sides of the river had seen. washington lies on one side of the river and oregon lies on the other side. they both heard the wind and high pitch noise and the balls split in half and went down into the river. they came back up and the two halves went back together and were gone. they had to believe two police officers. i knew then that i was not crazy. the kids told their dad about the space ship that had followed us everywhere. the television station asked if anyone had any contact or saw these things to contact them. i called and they said so many had called they were going to do a show on it. when l went for the show there were a lot of people there. the air force had men there. the man from the air force interviewed us all. i told him what had happened. he said we could not tell it to the public because we would panic the nation. i told him l didn’t care because people needed to know. then he showed me a book that said project bluebook on it. inside where pictures of aliens and space crafts. the real thing. well as you might guess that show never aired. they threatened everyone in their own way. after that you never heard anything again about what happened. for many years after when a big windstorm happened i was terrified. whenever heard a siren of ant kind i would get scared. it took along time to get over it all. i have seen a lot over the years, but l just keep it to myself. what good does it do to tell anyone anyway. that was a lot of years ago and now people see a lot and do tell about it. we all know they are out t can here and just waiting till they can peacefully come and meet with us. it won’t be that much longer.

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