Comment on Stephenville Texas, 2008 UFO Sighting Revisited by UFOnut

The day before this happened I was sitting in my living room watching t.v. we have a 64 inch t.v. and a pink sphere probably 4×4 in size like what you would see when you google a proton, neutron, electron. It floated near the t.v. for a few seconds. I got scared and threw a shoe at it. I then said screw this and went into the bedroom to watch t.v. and a smaller one came out of that t.v. I guess because it was a smaller t.v.. Who knows all I know the next day they were saying on the news they had colored lights over Stephenville Texas. I have never forgot it and will research it from time to time. I noticed that you have a path lined out so it makes sense. I have also seen in 1995 or 1997 going to work 2 a.m. in the morning a silver cigar shape in the sky with fire going out the back end of it. It followed me for a wile then did a weird maneuver like it was going into Lake Ray Hubbard. Turned into fire and poof it was gone. When I was a kid we had a meteorite in our back yard. I would roll it around. That was over 50 years ago. I would always have what my dad called night mares of these beings coming into the room where we slept. They were thin with large eyes. I often wonder if the meter put something on me that they see. I think this because of what I saw then and now. It sounds crazy but so help me God it is the truth.

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