UFO Sighting in LaBelle, Florida on 2000-03-13 21:00:00 – Driving with my wife and kids and seen a large glowing cigar/then round shape light

Me my wife and 3 children were leaving my mothers house in port labelle florida around 9 pm heading home. we were traveling north on cowboy way. up ahead of us (about 500 yards) i seen a large green glowing light above the tree line. i had no idea what it was. i asked my wife, what is that?? she did see it until i mentioned it. that’s when my kids in the back seat seen it to. i stopped the car and we all just looked at it. it was large. growing green. like the glow in the dark green color. it was moving very slow to the nw right above the tree lines. it was making the trees under it glow from the light. i started driving again, getting closer to it and all of us observing it. then the thing turned to the side…I think. now i believe we were looking at the bottom of it. a perfect round glowing disc. it was about 300 yards from us now. there must have been an opening past the tree line because it descended beyond the trees, it kind of looked like a big glow in the dark moon with the trees now in front of it. we came to a stop sign and we had to turn right on to state road 80 east to go home. i was all excited and could not believe what we were seeing!! i wanted to go straight and get a little closer to it. but my wife and kids were spooked and freaking out. elizabeth my youngest was crying. so i turned to go home. when i got home i called the hendry county sheriffs dept in labelle and asked if anyone is calling in and report seeing a glowing light off of cowboy way? she said 2 other people called in. she said she believes it is helicopter. helicopter?????? no! this was not a helicopter, plane, or balloon. i believe what me and my family witnessed was not of this earth. cellphones were pretty much no existent back them and we did not have one. i was i had a camera but did not. i know it is 17 years later but i had to report it. my kids are all grown now and when we are all together we still once in while talk about it. it is something they will never forget. neither will i.

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