UFO Sighting in Luton, England on 1988-05-31 00:00:00 – Witnessd orqnge shpere hovering over farmhouse. possible mothership in locality.

My wife was returning from an evening out and she spotted the sphere and informed me when she arrived home. about 20 minutes later w ite decided to go see if it was still there. it was hovering above a farmhouse about a quarter of a mile form home…Around a sharp left hand bend. as i drove round the bend and my headlights came in line with the sphere, i flashed my main beam at it. immediately, high up on my right, something flashed 2 beams at my car and illuminated it brightly, scaring my wife. at this point the sphere started to drift slowly in the direction of luton and disappeared over a low hill. i can only assume that whatever flashed its lights at me was in some way guarding the sphere…Maybe a mother ship…Although nothing was visible. the sphere was about 15 feet in diameter and glowing a steady bright orange…Like a miniature sun. it was not an aircraft or a balloon…Neither can hover. i have no explanation for this incident and would be interested in the opinion of other people.

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