UFO Sighting in Santa Monica, California on 2017-03-17 16:06:00 – My report about dr. nancy greep-medical malpractice

Hi i am filing a report about medical malpractice. i have held this in too long and have no choice but to speak up about this. but the reason i am putting information here is because the extra details surrounding this which cant really be explained unless someone understands alien stuff. well this woman dr.Nancy greep is going around as a doctor but she really is 100% reptilian, i believe of the archon reptilians. when i had signed up at westside family health center and met her i didn’t really realize that i had seen her before on the reptilian spaceship until later on. this woman has been doing all gynecological stuff to me during abuctions( remember the forced abortion i mentioned) and delivering babies which have then been taken away. i had severe blood loss the last time extreme blood loss which would warrant even a blood transfusion and i never had any treatment.

so when i went to westside health family center or whichever. i had to wait 4 hours until i could see her. i knew something in my spirit had a feeling something was totally off. she was nice and everything but i didn’t feel right about her. i could tell by her look that she was a reptilian. she was nice and everything though but something was off. she ordered blood tests and everything and then once the exam started was when i was thrown off. she had me lay down and began to examine my breasts and i found it to be pretty random and not really something that needed to be done unless i was getting a pap smear thingie is usually when they do that. she touched my breasts for a very long time and she said i didn’t need to get a pap smear. i found it awkward because i had not seen a doctor in a very long time and i was due to get it done, actually past due. after leaving the doctor when i got home i was feeling sick. i felt as though i had a sore throat and not feeling well for a few days. i believe that her hands possibly had germs on them. i had told her about how i was having anemic symptoms due to my heavy periods as well and she said she would run blood tests and check it out.

she ended up calling me and saying my iron levels were normal which i knew was a total bold faced lie. i was having every symptom of anemia and been bed ridden for months. i also have gone thru this with some reptilian doctors at torrance medical hospital where i came in with severe heart mumurs from my anemia being so severe and the doctor even came in laughing like it was a joke and he had some nurse with him named mike who was mad dogging me. the doctors have known all along that i have had anemia and have sat here letting it go on wanting me to die due to racism against my species and complete hate. but god isn’t going to allow his children to die no matter how hard this evil force tries. they have lied about my test results, mixed them up purposefully.

i am seeing a new doctor now who caught this and cant believe that these doctors would be as shady to let this go on without treating something so simple. i have began taking slow fe iron tablet and i am now feeling normal finally. for the first time yesterday i was able to walk and not feel pain in my legs, i can breathe, i was able to get some sleep, my severe headache, ringing in my ears has also disappeared. i will fight for justice and point out any reptilian doctors that i see and i will fight for justice for all the people who are being mistreated and lied to by these reptilian infiltrated doctors who are not treating patients and doing wrong to hurt them purposefully. i see the same things going on with my grandma who is very ill right now and the doctors will not give her the proper answers or treatments for what is going on with her health. i believe they are lying to people about their anemia and people are dying of heart attacks, or low oxygen etc and they are blaming it on something else when its really simple anemia they need to treat. i feel the reason they do this is so the person is left debilitated and a prisoner in their own home due to severe anemia or whichever medical issue they which to inflict on humans. they have also messed with my electrolyte levels causing severe low potassium as well which they refused to treat. lies as well about my thyroid gland levels.

i also received a botched epidural by an intern on the spaceship and i know suffer debilitating chronic pain and fibromyalgia each and every day after being abducted and being harmed and implanted with tracking devices. i have received no treatment for my conditions and am left in high level of pain on a daily basis which i have to force myself to push thru. these entities which cloak themselves as humans and disguise themselves are trying to harm and kill many people and it has gone on for too long. i am not racist. i know that not all reptilians are bad and that there is a number of them that are good just as in all races. this is about evil and evil needs to be stopped for good.

thank you.

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