UFO Sighting in Wyoming, Minnesota on 2017-11-07 20:15:00 – In the last 4 weeks 4-5 satellite objects have been seen during stargazing outdoors.

In the last three weeks i have seen 4 to 5 ufos flying at high altitude. in 20 years of living here i have never seen anything like this. folks the skies here seem to have turned hot for seeing unknown objects in the last 3 weeks. i have no night sky cameras.

the first viewing (moving north to south) was a pair of what i thought were satellites, one following another. it was a clear tracking path but at a faster speed that any other i have (satellites) seen before. 5 am.

at our lake we have not seen satellite prior to these past weeks.

the second sighting was to the east of our position. 45.308642 – 93.152487

i thought it was a very slow moving satellite (168 degrees to south) but then it changed direction 180 degrees to the north. the object changed direction going up and proceeded to do 2 to 3 odd semi circular movements.It then disappeared and in 1 to 4 seconds appeared higher up. this was about 2 am.

i could clearly see its location because i was framing the object through the branches of one tree.

at that point i decided to try and film it and ran into my cabin to grab my only camera. that took 2 minutes. when i returned to my deck the ufo was gone. at this point i walked south into a more open sky view.

what i think i saw was possibly another object 198 s. it was doing a similar slow odd tracking movement.

most recently 11-6-17, i was stargazing again to the east and heard a large jet (airliner?) and thought saw the jet coming toward me at about 40 to 60 degrees up from the horizon. 160 degrees towards the east. about the speed one would expect an airliner to move but the sound of jet was to the north. the object was moving from east to west. as the jet was coming into view the object abruptly changed direction to the south. the rapidity of the change ruled out any satellite or airplane.

i lost view due to cloud cover. just wish there was someone i knew that had a camera that could film these things.

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