Black Triangle Sighting in Titusville, Florida on 2017-11-06 23:05:00 – I remember seeing red and green lights flickering n blue i think 2 well when i got home i was looking and i seen a triangular aircraft ascend over my house no noise then i ran inside when i came back i seen it again but camoflauge itself like active

I was star gazing down the street and got spooked so i decided to walk back home that’s when i noticed an airplane with green and red flashing lights i thought it was odd i could not see the tail after arrival of my home i sparked up a cigarette and was trying to get a better look of this plane and that’s when i seen something ascend over my home that was triangular in shape blue and red and red green. flickering lights on the tail and it camoflauged. like active camo. went invisible but you could still see it like active camo that’s when i ran in the house woke up my wife and brought her outside and when i did the object was ascending straight up. and vanished. at that time you could only really see the red and green lights. after wards. i seen a triangular aircraft hoovering really low going north east looked kinda like it was searching for something or had search lights. on the triangular shape it had one red blinking light on the back end and four amber lights on the right side of it’s shape it reminded me of a search lights kinda. i felt scared at parts of this event

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