UFO Disinformation Agent Richard Doty is Up to His Old Tricks: Beware the Many Lies He Tells Steven Greer

Richard Doty

     As one of the first persons to expose Richard Doty’s disinformational activities, decades ago, I would like to offer the following information.

First, a few words about myself: Since 1973, I have interviewed more than 160 former or retired U.S. Air Force personnel regarding incidents involving UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites. Seven of those individuals participated in my September 27, 2010 press conference in Washington D.C., which CNN streamed live. The video of that event

By Robert Hastings
The UFO Chronicles

may be viewed at www.ufohastings.com. I will leave it to others to judge the value of my longstanding commitment to UFO Disclosure as well as the credibility of my ex-military sources.

Now, regarding Doty, anyone who believes his latest offering of BS, as presented in Steven Greer’s new film, is utterly naïve and deserves to be duped. As the following links will reveal, Doty’s long, deplorable track record of disseminating utterly false information about the UFO phenomenon, and the U.S. government’s knowledge of it, is remarkable and continues to this day.

Whether or not his current utterances merely serve his personal need to screw with persons such as Greer, and the rest of us—or are instead the latest chapter in his involvement in the government’s effort to confuse and misdirect public interest in the UFO topic—is unknown. However, given Doty’s many disreputable actions over the years, one needs to review and understand his history before attempting to evaluate his most recent public claims.

My first exposé on Doty, published in March 1989, may be read here:

My more recent if lengthy summary of Doty’s activities relating to the forged MJ-12 documents, the duping of Linda Moulton Howe, the psy-war operation against Dr. Paul Bennewitz and other nefarious deeds may found at:

A briefer overview of Doty’s role in the MJ-12 hoax is at:

A related examination of Doty’s repugnant actions toward Bennewitz, on behalf of OSI, is at:

Another researcher, Ryan Dube, has developed irrefutable information linking Doty to the Serpo Operation hoax, revealing Doty’s ongoing involvement in disinformation long after his retirement from the U.S. Air Force. While Dube is a UFO skeptic and often dismisses credible UFO cases as having no merit, his highly documented exposé on Doty is dead-on-target. It may be read here:

In 2009, I posted a public comment in which I said that New Mexico State Policeman Gabe Valdez had told me that Doty—who had joined the police force following his retirement from the Air Force—once told him that he, Doty, had forged “lots” of UFO-related documents while working at OSI at Kirtland AFB. Doty read the post and, on May 24, 2009, emailed me to say, “A simple fact, Mr. Hastings, everything I did during my intelligence days was sanctioned.” Significantly, Doty, in his response, didn’t deny my assertions regarding his involvement in forging the MJ-12 “documents” and other items.

Indeed, in a rare moment of candor, in the film Mirage Men, Doty finally confesses that the OSI operation against Linda Moulton Howe in the early 1980s, when she was presented with the fraudulent MJ-12 documents, was designed to derail the completion of her HBO documentary on the UFO cover-up.

I had first made that claim, publicly, in the late ‘80s and, later, in my 2009 “Operation Bird Droppings” article, linked above. It only took Doty three decades to come clean on this but at least it’s now a matter of record.

Nevertheless one may still find numerous articles online about the alleged validity of MJ-12, written by supposedly astute persons who just can’t admit that they have been had. Even today, Linda Howe continues to gush about the wonderful revelations she was privy to, courtesy of Doty, completely ignoring the bogus nature of the “documents” she was presented.

So, folks, it’s up to each of you to either review these linked items or just ignore them. I know from long experience that many persons are only interested in the most sensationalistic claims about UFOs, aliens, and the government cover-up, and will not take the time to investigate whether any given claim on the Internet actually has a factual basis, in the form of vetted witness testimony and/or authenticated declassified documents, which are at a minimum required to substantiate it beyond a reasonable doubt.

Sad but true.

I cannot prevent Richard Doty from playing the games for which he is so infamous, nor can I prevent foolish, gullible persons from swallowing his crap, which they will certainly do. However, those who wish to understand what he is up to here, using factual, documented information to investigate his past actions, should take the time to check out these links.

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