UFO Sighting in Lindenhurst, Illinois on 2017-05-13 21:30:00 – My friend looks at sky with christan friend because they sense something. see light. goes inside. starts video. talks about how he record it for me. the light is there, then slowly acsends then speeds up blinking and dissapears

A good friend of mine was outside with his christian friend at a sleepover. it is dark out, 9:30 pm about. they both suddenly look to the sky, as they sense something strange. they both see it and the christian friend starts freaking out and denies its plain existence when my best friend keeps insisting it is real. he goes inside and grabs his phome to record it. he then starts talking about how he is recording for me because he knows i am a big fan of ufos and aliens. he runs outside to get the ufo in shot of the camera and it is there, hovering, then goes into the sky abrubtly and blinks as it goes. my friend said he has never seen something like it before. skip ahead 3 days. i mention to him about how often ufos come back at similar times for repeated visits, and i do look outside aswell. from my window at 9:45 three days after the skghting my friend had, insaw a ufo with my brother. but this one is different. it is pulsating, a yellow-orange glow. it is about 1000 feet in a seperate direction from the first ufo sighting. i freak out, but then try to dismiss it as a plane, but i realise, ‘do orbs of light pulsate? especially planes in general? no, planes do not pulsate in any way, shape or form.’ it goes very slowly for the next 10 min in the same direction. it dissapears. for the next whole week at 9:45 pm it happens, then suddenly the phenomenon stops. i look for the next 3 days, too no avail. during those 7 days it did appear it sometimes changed direction from west to east, but gradually. each time the sighting would end the ufo gradually dissipated into thin air. each time it always appeared in the same spot. in fact, me and my brother took notes on the phenomenon. i often still look in the same spot today, hoping to get a photo, but every time i saw the ufo i always teared up because i was so filled up with emotion from seeing a ufo for myself. thinking back on the sighting, i still almost cry. i hope to see another ufo in the future, and maybe prove to disbelievers i wasn’t crazy after all.

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