UFO Sighting in Orlando, Florida on 2017-11-07 20:15:00 – It just hovered up and then bam vanished in like 0.5 second with streak of flames

We were 4 of us playing tennis in usta. the game point was taken so were relaxing and getting ready for the next point. i did not have a clear shot when it was hovering, but i could see something hovering up on my left side. while the other friend of mine (opponent) was staring at it. then i turned left and i got the last few blinks of it hovering. it then took off so fast that it vanished in to the sky in like 0.5 seconds in a straight path. it is not something man made which can travel this fast. also it hovered up from a place where there is nothing, but just forest and trees and barren land.

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